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Article Published In Vol.2 (Nov-Dec-2014)

The Chemical and Biological Pollution of Potato and Corn Chips

Pages : 1191-1193

Author : Modhir N.A. Hawraa. Wahab and Salih Abudalmahdi Khadim

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This study was conducted to investigate the levels of some heavy metals (Fe, pb and Cd) and also some metals such as (Ca ,Na and K) were estimated in some brands of potato and corn chips selected from the local market of Hilla city in Iraq in October 2013. Atomic absorption spectrometry was used to evaluate levels of heavy metals whereas flame photometry was used to estimate the other metals (Ca , Na and K) Biological study was carried out for determining the total number of bacteria and fungi. The results showed that the mean of metals in potato chips was found as follow 5330 , 2125 , 60 , 1.59 , 7.73 and 0.43 mg/kg for Na , K , Ca , Fe , Pb and Cd respectively , where as it 2270 , 6650 , 465 , 4.40 , 11.86 and 0.266 mg/kg in corn chips respectively. The levels of heavy metals in potato chips were higher than corn chips samples except cadmium as shown in this study whereas Na , K and ca were higher in corn chips samples than those in potato chips. The results of biological study revealed that aerobic bacteria, coli form bacteria and pathogenic staphylococcus were Identified in both samples (potato and corn chips). Chips may have been contaminated during the manufacturing process or in the packing or from raw materials .

Keywords: Potato chips, corn chips etc.




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