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Article Published In Vol.6 (July-Aug-2018)

The Development of Creativity of 5-6 Year Old Children through Collage Game using Natural

Pages : 864-868, DOI:

Author : Ade Ismail Fahmi, Soegeng Santoso and M.S. Sumantri

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This study has goal to know the development of creativity of 5-6 year-old children through collage game using natural materials. The method used in this study is action research that means to improve a problem that occurs in a process of learning activities. The research theory used is Kemmis Taggart theory because it has several stages. The stages consist of stages of planning, execution, observation and reflection. So, it is hope that these stages can fix the problems that occur in every action. The application of creativity of 5-6 year-old children in the learning activities through collage game using natural materials is really help researchers in motivating the children to be more creative. The success level in the group is so significant, so it is expected that in the future there is an imaginative, creative and innovative research model. So it can stimulate children creativity such as : 1) flexibility 2) smoothness 3) authenticity 4) details. Therefore, with creativity, children are able to explore, to express using both hands and to coordinate with both eyes in playing collage using natural materials.

Keywords: Early childhood, creativity of aged 5-6 year-old children, collage game using natural materials



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