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Article Published In Vol.3 (Nov-Dec-2015)

The Process and Techniques to overcome the Resistance of Change Research based in the Eastern Part of Kosovo

Pages : 1122-1130

Author : Xhavit Islami

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Today we are living in a period where the change has become part of our life. Managing the change is an important issue in today’s business environment which is continuously changing. If an enterprise wants to survive, to grow and to increase the incomes, then it must change its strategies regularly. But, adjusting implementation often is confronted with employees’ resistance. The aim of the research is to show the relation of techniques to overcome the resistance of adjustment and enterprise’s success after adjusting implementation. The methodology used in this research is a combination of quantitative and qualitative data. The results of the research are data gathered from 41 SME that are situated in the eastern part of Kosovo, collected data were analyzed with the help of SPSS v 21 program. The data showed that SME apply the technique of managers and workers’ participation, involved from the change of vision and strategy composition resulted to be more successful in realizing the adjustment with lower resistance. A well-managed change and rightly used methods to pass the resistance of change helps the SME to be more successful in comparison with the competitors. In this research has been presented a new model of techniques to use in order to overcome the resistance through the process of adjustment.

Keywords: Resistance against change, participation, techniques, success of adjustment, SME.




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