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Article Published In Vol.5 (May-June-2017)

The Role of the Undergraduate Students’ Self Regulations and its Influence to their Academic Achievements

Pages : 581-589

Author : Martini Jamaris and Sofiah Hartati

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The aim of the research is to study about the academic self regulation of undergraduate students and it’s influence to their academic achievement. Furthermore, the research is also leaded to verify the research findings about the impact of self regulation of the graduate students to their academic achievements. Therefore, it can give reliable information about students’ self regulation and it relations with academic achievement at university. The participants of the research are 81 students who are selected purposely. Qualitative method is used in this research, in which, the method leads the process of inquiring and discovering any aspects related to the student academic self regulation. The research reveals that the undergraduate students are able to manage their academic self regulation. The ability are reflected in: (1) planning their study goal, (2) managing their behavior in order to achieve their study goal, and (3) the academic achievements of the undergraduate students, in which, they achieve their study goal well. The research result tells the same with the results of the research on self regulation of the graduate students and it impact to their academic achievements. Therefore, it verifies the previous research result about students academic self regulation at university.

Keywords: Self regulation, undergraduate students, academic achievement, qualitative method



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