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Article Published In Vol.7 (July-Aug 2019)

The strategic dimensions of the Turkish-Iranian competition for Iraq after 2003 and its impact on Iraqi internal stability

Pages : 446-452, DOI:

Author : Dr. Mohamed Aziz Abdul-Hassan Al-Bayati

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The objective and realistic vision of the nature of the Turkish-Iranian relations with regard to the Middle East and North Africa region in general and Iraq in particular is undoubtedly based on the following : Competitiveness rather than conflict between the two countries Turkish and Iranian Iraq became, after June 2014, an arena for regional and international competition and conflict among the regional powers because of its geostrategic importance Geopolitical remains one of the most powerful elements that shape this importance, especially in the case of direct geographical proximity with all its potential impact and influence on both sides of the border at various levels of political, military, strategic, security and economic. And with the phenomenon of competition in the Turkish-Iranian relations on Iraq beyond 2003 However, there are constants between the two countries (Turkish and Iranian) and one of the most important foundations of the constants between the Iranian and Turkish sides Energy security and Turkey’s view are not seen as a conduit for influence in Central and South Asia, and the constants are also coordination on security issues related to the Kurdish problem Turkish-Iranian competition and its impact on Iraq after 2003 ” Boosted after the US withdrawal from Iraq in late 2011Providing Turkey and Iran with a historic opportunity to achieve their national interests and objectives by increasing the effectiveness of regional action and all political, economic, security and cultural dimensions. The imbalance of the equation of the strategic regional balance after the departure of Iraq from that equation and the emergence of a new map of regional balances, gave the two countries a great opportunity for freedom of movement and regional political action influential within the Iraqi arena.

Keywords: Turkish – Iranian competition, strategic dimension, Iraq after 2003, internal stability



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