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Article Published In Vol.7 (March-April-2019)

The use of the equation of oil refining Iran in exchange for strengthening the reserve power Saudi Arabia to increase production rates to maintain balance in the world oil markets

Pages : 128-130, DOI:

Author : Dr Ammar Hameed and Dr. Mohamed Aziz Abdul-Hassan

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Saudi Arabia is the largest oil producer with the largest volume of oil exports and the largest reserves of oil and, most importantly, has the capacity to produce and export additional unused can post-US sanctions related to delivery of Iranian oil exports to zero rates, The large drop or increase in oil production because it has a cautious government spending program that can be sustained by levels of oil revenues much lower than in 2018, allowing Saudi Arabia to become a more volatile producer Obey raise or reduce oil its output to influence world oil prices

Keywords: Use of the equation of oil refining Iran exchange for strengthening, reserve power, Saudi Arabia, increase production rates, maintain balance, world oil markets



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