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Article Published In Vol.3 (May-June-2015)

Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of Half Car Vehicle Dynamic Model Subjected to Different Road Profiles with Wheel Base Delay and Nonlinear Parameters

Pages : 542-546

Author : S.S. Patole and Dr. S.H. Sawant

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Suspension Model design is a challenging task for the automobile designers in view of multiple control parameters, complex (often conflicting) objectives and stochastic disturbances. The roles of a suspension Model are to support the vehicle weight, to isolate the vehicle body from road disturbances, and to maintain the traction force between the tire and the road surface. The purpose of suspension Model is to improve the ride comfort, road handling and stability of vehicles. For proper designing of suspension Model, nonlinearities in suspension parameters must be considered.In this paper, nonlinearities of tire spring and damper are considered while preparing half car model.The current article is simulated and analyzed for the handling and ride performance of a vehicle with passive suspension Modelof Half Car Model with Four Degree of Freedom. Since, the equations of the Model cannot be solved mathematically; MATLAB/Simulink has developed a scheme that allows analyzing the behavior of the suspension Model for different road profiles.

Keywords: Vehicle Dynamic System, Half Car Model, MATLAB /Simulink, Nonlinear Passive Suspension Model, Wheel Base Delay.




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