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Article Published In Vol.4 (May-June-2016)

To Study the Effect of High & Low Parental Encouragement Group of Students on Academic Achievement

Pages : 421-426

Author : Poonam Sharma, Dr.Shubhra Mangal and Manisha

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The present study aimed at examining the effects of high and low parental encouragement group of students on Academic achievement of secondary students. For this purpose sample consisted of 200 students (i.e. 100 Boys & 100 Girls) of class IXth of two Govt. Secondary School under South Delhi division of New Delhi were selected by systematic random sampling . The best-known and most widely used Parental Encouragement scale developed by Dr. R.R. Sharma was used for measuring the parental encouragement of the selected sample. For measuring Academic Achievement: The total Marks obtained by the students in the annual examination of students of class IXth, will be noted down from their concerned school registers. The obtained data were analyzed by using mean, standard deviation and t-test to examine the effects of parental encouragement of different groups on academic achievement. The study revealed that there exists significant difference in Mean Achievement scores of high parental encouragement group and low parental encouragement group of boys, girls and total students.

Keywords: Parental Encouragement (High level and Low level) and Academic Achievement




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