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Article Published In Vol.2 (March-April-2014)

Torturing and Persecution of Human Spirit through Bullying with Special reference to Sea of Poppies

Pages : 207-210

Author : Dr. Usha Jain and Faroze Ahmad Chopan

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Bullying is a psychological stigma persisting in human society with an array of hue and cry. This is one of the emergent problems that need to be discussed. People who are both bullies and victims are seen prone to mental illness. Bullying kills the inner consciousness of a victim, which never allows him to grow normal and target lives in a constant fear of being bullied which hampers his true potential. Literature has made an attempt to display the fact by experimenting with fictional characters. High level of barbarity receive most people’s interest, like murder and assault receive media attention, but lower kind of barbarity like bullying is hard to identify. This is where Ghosh has built a window in the wall. Ghosh had made his readers to experience the problems of real beings through his fictional characters, and made them proficient to comprehend the consequences of their individual activities and look for optimistic ways to revolutionize. The aim of the paper is to study the traits of bullying in the Sea of Poppies. Prison persecution and how prisoners are frequently victimised will be explored. The present research is trying to illuminate the victimization of women as well. They are deprived of their due in every field. At home, they are recurrently even worse off, abridged to being slavish drudges, and maltreated in a number of ways. By acclimatizing psychological methods in literature such concerns are more perceptible and distinguishable.

Keywords: Torturing, Persecution, Human Spirit etc.





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