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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

Track Density and uranium concentration Measurements for Male and Female Teeth (10-50) year in Al – Anbar Governorate (Al- Ramady) using PM- 355 Detector

Pages : 808-811

Author : Dr. Alia Ahmed Kadhim

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Track density and uranium concentration were measured for eighteen samples in male and femal teeth , ages between (10-50) year were taken using particular solid – state nuclear track detectors called PM-355 with weight (0.5) gm and (1.5)mm thickness in Al- Ramady. (SSNTDs) using fission tracks that caused by the bombardment of uranium with thermal neutrons from (241Am –Be) neutron source that has (5x 103n. cm-2 .s-2) flux. The calculated results compared with standared samples, then discussed on the basis of physical changes occurring on the microscopic level in the PM -355 due to irradiation. The results showed that the average value for uranium concentration to male equal (0.0426ppm) and female (0.0511ppm) .These results seems to be in high level compared with previous studies.

Keywords: Teeth radiation, Dental anatomy, Uranium concentration.






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