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Article Published In Vol.6 (Nov-Dec-2018)

Undernutrition among children under five (5) years in the municipalities of Natitingou, Boukoumbé and Toucountouna (NBT Zone) in the Department of Atacora in North West Benin

Pages : 1386-1389, DOI:

Author : Marius BIO BOUKO, Abdou Ganiou YESSOUFOU, Patrice SANTA KOUESSOPA, Abèbi Karimath YESSOUFOU, Adégnika Amirath ADEBO , Mohamed Mansourou SOUMANOU and Alphonse SEZAN

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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the nutritional status of the children under five years of the Municipalities of Natitingou, Boukoumbé, and Toucountouna located in the Department of Atacora in North West Benin. It is a prospective, descriptive and analytical study in which we collected the anthropometric measurements of 600 children and submitted their mothers to a questionnaire. The results show that the three forms of undernutrition are still present with 53% of stunted children, 75% of underweight children and 26% of emaciated children. Moreover, the dietary diversity scores recorded in the surveyed households are mostly low. Determinants identified include diseases, dietary diversity, non-compliance with the principle of exclusive breastfeeding, and poor weaning practices. In sum, the very high level of stunting is indicative of chronic food insecurity. There is therefore an awakening of consciousness of the different actors involved in the fight against malnutrition for an improvement of the nutritional status of children in this area of study.

Keywords: Benin, undernutrition, wasting, stunting, underweight, dietary diversity



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