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Article Published In Vol.5 (Nov-Dec-2017)

Violation of Women’s Human Rights

Pages : 1315-1317

Author : Sangita Bharati

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Human rights are those rights and conditions conferred to human beings by virtue of being human. Human rights are commonly understood as those rights which are necessary to live a standard and decent life. Human rights are offered by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in relation to matters such as security of person, slavery, torture, protection of the law, freedom of movement & speech, religion, and assembly, and rights to social security, work, health, education, culture, & citizenship etc. These rights are awarded to all human being on the basis of equality and these are equally available to all men and women irrespective of any differences. However, in the existing human rights framework violations of women’s rights have been overlooked and their experiences have not been counted. Realization of discrimination against women within prevailing human rights framework has led to the growth of protests all over the world to recognize various rights specific to women’s lives as human rights and violation of those as human rights violation.In my paper I will try to give a brief understanding of Human rights, Women’s Human Rights and Gender-based violence against women as an issue of violation of women’s human rights.

Keywords: Human Rights, Gender, Women, Violation, Abuse




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