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Article Published In Vol.6 (July-Aug-2018)

A Comparative study between Summative Written Examination and Practical Project Work of Higher Secondary Level School Students at Memari Block in Burdwan, West Bengal

Pages : 869-875, DOI:

Author : Ashim Manna, Shubhankar Saha and Ullaskar Bag

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Evaluation is an important part of our educational system. Ultimate goal of it is the evaluation of all-round development of students. For this, Summative written examination and Project work play an important role. Summative Evaluation takes place when the teaching-learning process is over. It generally takes place at the end of a terra of year. The purpose of S.E. is to determine whether the pupil has completed a particular course of studies successfully. Summative evaluation typically comes at the end of a course of instruction. It is designed to determine the extent in which the instructional objectives have been achieved and is used primarily for assigning course-grades or certifying pupil mastery of the intended learning outcomes. Projective methods are those method in which we provide the subject relatively indefinite and unstructured material and then allow students to build structure of the material in anyway according to the subject project, his feelings, attitude etc. Project Work is a learning experience which aims to provide students the opportunity to synthesise knowledge from various areas of learning and it critically and creatively applies to real life situations.

Keywords: Summative, written examination, practical project work, higher secondary school Students.



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