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Article Published In Vol.4 (March-April-2016)

A Comparative Study of English Textbooks in Iranian Non-Profit Institutes and Schools

Pages : 322-325

Author : Alireza Saadipour and Amir Shakouri

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Textbooks have very profound influence in the process of language teaching and learning. This study investigates English text books taught in Iranian schools and Mehr Language institute from the teachers’ views and perspectives. The study was carried out at high schools in Tonekabon, Mehr English Language School, Iran. The data were obtained from a total 40 teachers, both female and male. It was collected through questionnaire with 30 items which were related to the seven criteria, Level of textbook, Content, Teachers guidebooks, Exercises and Activities, Clarity of instruction, Vocabulary, Grammar, supplementary of the textbook. The results showed that the teachers had negative attitudes towards the school textbooks in contrast with English Language Schools. The research findings elucidates that the current material or textbook cannot meet Iranian teachers’ requirement and interests, and there should vital pioneering moments of English materials are prepared for high school students in Iran.

Keywords: Textbook Evaluation, Material development, Content, Policy making




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