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Article Published In Vol.6 (Sept-Oct-2018)

A Contemporary Move towards Study of Light and Colours

Pages : 1007-1013, DOI:

Author : Samina Zia Sheikh

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Painting is related to the psychology of the period in which it is produced. It reveals and expresses the relationship of a society to the world. Impressionism belonged to the time when mission of the painting was to reassure the beholder and banish the tension of reality. Impressionism in post modern era is less directly significant. Fewer artists assure to the philosophy of intellect or self expression commonly known as Impressionistic concern, for nature. Munawar Mohiud Din’s eminence as impressionist attracts a number of artists working with oil paints. His masterly skill reveals delight in painting while squinting through an imaginary view finder allowing composition to take a clear form. In his paintings serenity and truthfulness of ‘impressions’ such as trees, flowers, vegetations, long paths, make all of his works notably phenomenon. Painterly strokes in his paintings look abstract but the application of right colour and value relationship bring surprising reality to the composition. All paintings possess layers of colours that are effective, delicate and thin when multi layers are added. Many of his works offer perceptibly higher key with bright colours and lightness of touch which distinguishes him as an astonishing impressionist without question. His peculiar move towards colour theory, momentary capture and inspirational strokes proves and identify him as an outstanding impressionist without question.

Keywords: Impressionism, Contemporary approach, light, Perception, Landscapes.



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