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Article Published In Vol.6 (May-June-2018)

A Novel approach of robot selection with the help of observed and theoretical values for a given industrial application

Pages : 532-535, DOI:

Author : E.S.R. Ravi Kumar and J. Siva Ram Prasad

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A novel appropriate technique, applied to find theoretical values (Expected Values) through decision making method (Chi-Square statistics) based, is proposed for determining of an alternative robot selection for a given problem of industrial application, and we obtain the same alternative (rank of robot-3) which is not distinguished from other existing techniques of determining alternative robots for a given industrial application problem. The non-parametric test (Chi- Square statistic) used as simple and time consuming technique to get ranks of robots for a given robot selection problem. As this technique used, looks easy to get selection of robots by ranks of robots in simple way as it compared to other existing techniques (in our point of view) and the way of obtaining theoretical values (Expected values) is also simple and novel approach with the matrix multiplication. These theoretical values (Expected values) through a non-parametric test (Chi-Square statistics), are used to determines ranks of robots for a given robot selection for a given industrial application problem. Solvers may not be able to detect, such problems on their own, a possibly big time saver in the long run in pre-processing to bring the problem into the simplest way. An example is included to illustrate the technique.

Keywords: Robot, theoretical values, AHP, non-parametric test (Chi-Square statistics).



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