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Article Published In Vol.3 (Sept-Oct-2015)

A Simple Website Optimization Framework for Web developers in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Pages : 992-998

Author : Awder Mohammed Ahmed and Hoger Mahmud Hussen

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In this paper we investigate the current state of developed websites in terms of speed (page load time) in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and propose a simple optimisation framework to reduce webpage load time. Recently the Kurdistan region of Iraq (KRI) has seen progress in many areas of life, due to this progress there are many companies that compete to deliver services. One way these companies try to get their messages across to consumers, not surprisingly, is through the internet which is realised by creating dedicated websites for their companies. There are a number of companies that claim to have the ability to develop professional websites in Kurdistan region but the current level of customer satisfaction indicates otherwise. For the purpose of data collection we investigate a number of current websites developed by local companies for their load time speed using a number of available tools. As a result we propose a simple optimisation framework for developers in these companies that can aid in reducing webpage load time. The results show that the framework is simple and effective and can benefit developers elsewhere. This paper contributes toward improving website developments in KRI in terms of load time speed.

Keywords: Website, Speed, HTML, JavaScript, Images, CSS, Optimisation framework




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