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Article Published In Vol.8 (Jan-Feb-2020)

A study of lymph node retrieval in resected specimens of Breast carcinoma using GEWF Solution

Pages : 19-24, DOI:

Author : Radhika Garimella

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Introduction: Breast carcinoma is the 2nd most common cancer in women in India and forms a major burden of disease on the health system. By performing this study, one can decided whether the standardized method of serial sectioning, inspection, and palpation is enough in the staging of a cancer, or if visual enhancement techniques (GEWF) should be employed to improve the staging of cancer.
Aims and Objectives: This study evaluated the usage of GEWF solution as a visual enhancement medium for retrieval of lymph nodes from resected modified radical mastectomy (MRM) specimens of Breast carcinoma for staging. Basing on the results, which are expected to be encouraging, this method can be recommended as a routine procedure for lymph node retrieval in cases of Breast carcinoma by using GEWF solution.
Materials and methods: This study was performed over a period of two months-from 1st August to 31st September, 2012- in GSL Medical College, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. 6 MRM specimens of Breast carcinoma were included.
All the specimens of Breast carcinoma during the period of study were processed according to the conventional methods.(1-5) All the lymph nodes that were not identified by the initial grossing and those that have been enhanced visually by the treatment with GEWF solution were also removed and processed.
Discussion: A total of 6 cases were utilized in this study; the conventional and GEWF solution methods were utilized. The results of the 6 cases can be used to conclude: Despite the GEWF solution increasing the yield of Lymph Nodes in 5 out of the 6 cases, there was no difference in the staging by using standard method and GEWF solution. GEWF increased the yield of LNs from breast cancer specimens. However, the utilization of GEWF solution did not change the staging of the cancer.
Keywords: Breast carcinoma etc.



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