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Article Published In Vol.5 (May-June-2017)

A Study on Reproductive Outcome, Health Problems and Haematological Profile in Rural Women Beedi Rollers of Reproductive Age in Jagitial District of Telangana State

Pages : 562-566

Author : Vanitha.Baluka, Prashanth.Ch, Kirmani and P.P Reddy

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Beedi manufacturing is the second largest industry in India. It provides employment to millions of women mostly from the poor socioeconomic class. In Telangana, beedi rolling is a major occupation for illiterate women in many villages. They are exposed to unfiltered tobacco dust and volatile compounds containing hazardous chemicals while making beedis as they do not use any protective wear. The purpose of this study was to assess the reproductive outcome and health problems and haematological parameters among rural women beedi rollers of Jagitial district. A total of 230 women beedi rollers of reproductive age and 200 women in the same age group (controls) and not occupationally exposed to any chemical or physical agents were enrolled and a questionnaire based survey was conducted. A high frequency prevalence of abortions, premature births, neonatal births, still births and a significantly decreased fertility rate were observed among the beedi rollers. The study also indicated a high frequency of the health problems and haematological studies shown the decreased mean values in all the parameters except Lymphocytes in rural women beedi rollers when compared with the control group.

Keywords: Beedi, Beedi rollers, unfiltered tobacco dust, health problems, reproductive outcome, Jagitial district.



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