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Article Published In Vol.3 (Jan-Feb-2015)

A Supervision of Solidarity: Values and Strengths in Medical Practices

Pages : 8-12

Author : Dr. Padmakali Banerjee, Dr. Amita Puri and Dr. Nadeem Luqman

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This article amply elucidates and illustrates a unique approach to therapeutic supervision informed by a philosophy of solidarity and social justice activism. This approach named as ,” Supervision of Solidarity” addresses the particular challenges in the supervision of therapists who work alongside clients who are subjected to social injustice and extreme marginalization. It asks,” How can we as therapeutic supervisors support therapists to do this difficult work in the margins in ways that are in accord with our collective ethics? How can we ( both therapists and their supervisors) experience sustainability and transformation collectively across time?” This article provides an example of this form of supervision highlighting key aspects of the work. This paper does not aim to offer a static model for therapeutic supervision nor a set of tools, but rather the principles of a Supervision of Solidarity that can be acted upon differently to suit particular contexts. It is hoped that this paper will make therapeutic supervisors to reflect upon the principles of a Supervision of Solidarity offered here and create other practices, to serve the needs of their specific therapeutic communities.

Keywords: Solidarity, Values, Strengths, Medical Practices etc.




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