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Article Published In Vol.10 (Nov-Dec 2022)

A Survey of Fast and Effective Image Forgery Detection Techniques

Pages : 604-609, DOI:

Author : Neha Sharma and Pallavi Gupta

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One of the most popular manipulations for altering digital photos is forgery. Due to their resistance to a variety of assaults, including large-scale geometric changes, keypoint-based detection techniques have been claimed to be particularly successful in uncovering copy-move evidence. These techniques, however, fall short in situations when copy-move forgeries only involve tiny or smooth areas, where there are few keypoints. We offer a quick and efficient copy-move forgery detection technique using hierarchical feature point matching to address this issue. We first demonstrate that by reducing the contrast threshold and rescaling the input picture, it is feasible to obtain a significant number of keypoints that exist even in tiny or smooth regions. We then create a brand-new hierarchical matching technique to address.

Keywords: Forgery, Hierarchical feature, Smooth regions etc.



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