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Article Published In Vol.4 (May-June-2016)

A Theoretical Contribution in Perspective of Brand Management and Triggering Process in Tourism Contexts

Pages : 519-521

Author : Bruno Sousa, PhD

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The brand management is one of the aspects on which many researchers have dedicated attention, as this was something that in addition to facilitate recognition, improving the loyalty and increasing notoriety. It is of course an asset for the company, which will allow products that identify and differentiate them from the competition. Besides the undeniable connection with the component product), the study of the brand requires attention to several kinds of concepts, no less important (e.g. image, notoriety or identity). Recently have been new approaches and new contributions in this regard. In terms of methodology, this theoretical study aims to analyze and understand the key issues associated with the brand in the context of the triggering process in special interest tourism contexts. The study has as purpose to provide a better understanding regarding the theoretical and practical implications (Ma & Tan, 2006). In this context, entrepreneurship is considered a central force of economic development, as it generates growth and serves as a vehicle for innovation and change. This theoretical paper presents and systematizes some of these contributions, with application in tourism contexts.

Keywords: Brand management, entrepreneurship, marketing, tourism, triggering process




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