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Article Published In Vol.2 (Nov-Dec-2014)

Adoption of New Technologies – Issues in Transition from Manual Camera to Digital Camera among Photo-Journalists

Pages : 1194-1201

Author : Dr. C. Pichandy, V.Palaniappan, R. Jayaseelan and V. Ashok Kumar

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As new technologies are spreading like wildfire, digitizing almost everything related to mankind, it becomes more pertinent to study this phenomenon in the media industry. This research focuses on the transition of adoptability among the photo-journalists from traditional manual still camera to the more advanced digital camera. The study focuses on the issues confronting the users during and after the transition. For that, the study chose the media industry, where the transition is actually happening. An empirical research was performed on photo-journalists in Tamil Nadu, by collecting data with the help of questionnaires, gauging their pre and post-facto opinions on both the manual and digital still cameras. The study analysed the different age and experience group of news photographers in the print media industry in the state. The study was done on aspects such as cost factor, quality, editing, resolution and technical factors of photograph. The study was elaborately discussed in the concepts of before and after Findings of this research helped reach a logical conclusion that the transition from manual to digital was more or less a smooth affair among photo-journalists in Tamil Nadu. It also suggests conducting media seminars and digital photography workshop to train the news photographers to equip themselves as better professionals.

Keywords: Digitizing, Manual Camera, Photo-Journalists etc.




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