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Article Published In Vol.4 (July-Aug-2016)

An Analysis of Social Sector in Tribal Communities–An Empirical Study in Telangana State

Pages : 607-614

Author : Dr. Harishankar Banothu

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Infrastructure facilities play an important role in the overall development of a region or a nation. According to world development report 1994 infrastructure represents the wheel of economic activities if not the engine. It is also pointed out that there exists a strong association between infrastructure development and Economic development. As per World Bank report 2004, CCI 2005 06, IRDA and NFHS – 3 etc. have been referred the different infrastructural facilities. The infrastructural facilities are broadly divided into two categories one is Economic infrastructure facilities like roads, and other transport facilities, electricity, telecommunication facilities water supply and sanitation facilities. Second one is social infrastructure in this aspect water supply, sanitation facilities, health facilities, education facilities institutional organizations like ITDA in the agency areas. In the Tribal agency areas the Infrastructure facilities are very poor status when compared to the plain areas. Especially the social infrastructural services like health, education safe drinking water and housing status etc. In this context the present research paper shall be focused on the social infrastructural facilities in the tribal areas in Telangnana State. For this purpose the researcher shall be use the primary and secondary data. The primary data shall be taken 360 sample tribal households with the help of structured questionnaire schedule in the selected districts of Warangal, Aliabad and Kham am. The districts selection criteria is more Tribal concentrated districts in the Telangana State and at the time the selection base for the respondents is who got the benefits from the ITDA agencies, those households have been selected. The researcher be used the simple statistical tools like per cent ages averages to analyze the data. The main objective of this article is to identify the social sector status of the tribal communities in the sample areas.

Keywords: Agency areas, Tribal Communities, ITDA, Social Infrastructure, Infrastructural Services



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