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Article Published In Vol.2 (March-April-2014)

An Autonomous Robot to Perform Wooden Peg Placing Task

Pages : 222-225

Author : Shahzad Nasim, Sarwar Wasi, Maaz Ahmed Khan, Faraz Ali, Shahbaz Nasim

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As we are living in a country like Pakistan where most of the industrial task was performing manually and now a days are industries efforts to move toward the latest technology and automatic machinery, this research is related to the similar effort in which we have design a general purpose, path following, Autonomous Robot that can perform pre-defined tasks. Basically the theme was to build an autonomous robot which can perform a well-defined task on a certain time limit. It has an important industrial application in displacing and arrangement of stock packages, serving in hotels or any application that involves predetermined station stops. To identify the subject, custom designed IR proximity sensors come into play. Some of the important components are differential drive, IR sensors, DC motors and a controlling device to perform the task according to instructions feed

Keywords: Industrial robots, Pick and Place Robot





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