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Article Published In Vol.3 (Jan-Feb-2015)

Analysis of Electrooculography signals for the Interface and Control of Appliances

Pages : 87-90

Author : Arthi S V and Suresh R. Norman

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Electrooculography (EOG) technology can be used for the interfacing of human-computer interface(HCI) systems for the control of appliances. The main objective of measuring and processing these signals is to help people succeed in dealing with the inconveniences in the physical world especially for the people who are immobile. EOG is the eye tracking methodology by placing electrodes and sensing the corneo-retinal potential (CRP) which is the resting potential between the cornea and the retina of the eye. This sensed potential is proportional to the movement of the eye. The electrodes convert the ion current obtained from the skin into electron current. The obtained bio signal is in terms of lower voltage and hence it is amplified, filtered and processed to remove unintentional blinks, noises and other artifacts. The ultimate aim is the analysis of these signals for the smart control of appliances.

Keywords: Appliance control, Electrooculography, eye movement, human-computer interface.




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