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Article Published In Vol.9 (Sept-Oct 2021)

Analysis of the Development Needs of Teaching Materials Storytelling Multimediabased on the aspect of elementary school student story writing skills

Pages : 511-514,

Author : Robiatul Munajah and Agung Cahya Karyadi

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Multimedia-based storytelling arises from the integration of multimedia and storytelling to meet learning needs, such as communication and self-expression, and to facilitate teaching in improving language skills is one aspect of story writing skills. This research uses descriptive research with survey methods, the source of data collection from teachers and students at the Primary School of Indonesia Country. Researchers conducted interviews via video calls and distributed questionnaires via google form. The results of interviews and questionnaires show that the use of teaching materials during learning is offline and online not much different. This fact illustrates that learning offline andĀ online requires innovation from an educator to create an active and fun learning process for elementary school students, so that learning objectives can be achieved.

Keywords: Storytelling teaching materials, multimedia, story writing skills



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