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Article Published In Vol.6 (Nov-Dec-2018)

Art: A Source of Visual Communication

Pages : 1357-1368, DOI:

Author : Farah Khan

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Art is a fundamental part of human life. The language of art is the most powerful language one can understand beyond the barriers of communication, art provides an open forum for expressiveness. Since pre-historic time it has been observed as a mechanism of communication with each other. It has been analyzed that people throughout history used it for expressing their thoughts, beliefs, philosophies, fears and spiritual connections. Artists from all regions of the world have documented their voice through this medium of expression while focusing on the contemporary issues concerning their own time. In the contemporary age, art is observed as the most powerful tool for voicing the inward experiences of the artist. It is also being utilized for responding back to the society. Artists are free to express what they perceive individually and in what way they want the masses to conceive out of it. They are raising questions and analyzing the political and social scenario in their own visual idiom. In this manner, Pakistani artists are equally participating in raising their voice in visual form to communicate their experiences and challenges they are facing in the contemporary world. They are also providing answers to the prevailing chaos (globally and especially in Pakistan).

Keywords: Art, communication, artists, pre-historic time, contemporary age, Pakistan.



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