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Article Published In Vol.4 (July-Aug-2016)

Association of L-Selectin gene polymorphism with Clinical Severity of sickle Cell Disease among Sudanese Patients in Khartoum 2016

Pages : 637-640

Author : Alaaeddin M.Elzubeir, Alaa Ibrahim, Amna Mohammed, Noha Osama Yasser Salem, Dhafer Salem, Hosham Abdalrahman, Nazik Husain , Abu Elgasim Awad elkareem, Hind M.Ahmed

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Background: Sickle cell disease (SCD) is an inherited disease characterized by a complex and varied physiopathology and exhibits wide clinical diversity. SCA’s variability and pose significant management challenges to caregivers and physicians alike.
Objectives: We therefore introduced to correlate the clinical severity of SCD in Sudanese Patients and L.selectin gene polymorphisms.
Result: There was significant association between these gene polymorphisms and high expression of L-selectin by leukocytes, or the development of complications in SCD, Chi squared (χ²) = 0.000 (P < 0.05).
Conclusion: These findings indicated that the (P213S) polymorphism of L‐selectin gene may contribute to susceptibility to vasoocclusive crisis and more severe situation in the Sudanese patients with homozygous Sickle Cell disease.

Keywords: Sickle Cell Disease, Severity, L-Selectin gene, P213S, polymorphism.



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