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Article Published In Vol.10 (March-April 2022)

Association of Serum Ferritin as an Iron marker in Heart Failure

Pages : 108-112, DOI:

Author : Dr Sarvesh Bhimavat, Dr C.D. Awalekar, Dr Harshal Patil and Dr Rahul Surve

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Introduction: Heart failure is to be considered as a priority as it is a serious, life-threatening disease. Nearly twenty-six million people over the globe are surviving with heart failure at present. Despite the new availability of treatment modalities in heart failure treatment outcome of patients is not so good, prolonged hospital stay, frequent and recurrent admissions in hospital and quality of life are also not good.  This study investigated the relationship between ferritin, a marker of iron status, and the incidence of HF in a community.

Results: The mean age was 73.36 ± 7.8 in the study population, the ranged between 48 years to 87 years. 32(32%) participants were heart failure according to Killip’s classification of grade 2,33(33%) participants had grade 3 and 35(35%) participants had grade4 the mean pulse rate was 100.87 ± 19.59 in the study population, the ranged between 66 (beats per minute) to 138(beats per minute) in the study population.

Conclusion: Low serum ferritin was significantly associated with higher grades of Killip classification of heart failure.



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