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Article Published In Vol.7 (May-June 2019)

Batha Gelenai: A Traditional Game of Bodos of the Baksa District of Assam

Pages : 284-287, DOI:

Author : Rita Daimary and Bhupen Narzaree

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All the traditional games and sports of Bodos are played by its own tradition. Batha Gelenai is one of the most important Traditional Games and Recreation of the Bodos of Assam. Traditionally two kinds of Batha Games are played by the Bodos of Assam. One of them is “Khunthiya Batha” and another one is “Dwikhor Batha”. Both of them are played by different methods. But in this paper only Khunthiya Batha will be discussed. It is played for enjoyment only. Normally this Game is a kind of Group Game, played by young boy’s only. But sometime adult male also played this Game for their enjoyment. Dry and open paddy field is the best playground for this Game and still today it is played at dry season. It is also a kind of very interesting and dangerous Game of the Bodos. Lack of practice sometimes some players are to be injured during this Game. Now a day’s use of some playing materials like use of Begors during the play has changed. Today Marbles are also used in place of Begors. By observing whole the process and methods of Batha Gelenai it can be said that it is like a present Cricket Game. So it is needed for a deep study and updated for the modernization of this Game.

Keywords: Traditional, Games and Sports, Bodos, Assam, Batha-Gelenai, Khunthiya, Batha, Laothi, Begor.



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