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Article Published In Vol.6 (Sept-Oct-2018)

Character Education thought by Dola Bololo in Young Children at Afe Taduma Ternate North Maluku, Indonesia

Pages : 1000-1006,

Author : Sida Said, Yufiarti and Moch. Syarief Sumantri

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The purpose of this study is to know the character education that can be given by Dola Bololo toward early childhood, place, and literature of Dola Bololo which is expressed to educate character to the early childhood at Afe Taduma of Ternate. The study used ethnography qualitative which found that Character Education through Dola Bololo individually or in the group significantly proved that Education, help each other, togetherness, love the nation, care toward nature. The character Education may be given at home, school, and environment. It also might be sung at the certain circumstance.

Keywords: Character Education, Dola Bololo, Early Childhood



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