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Article Published In Vol.2 (Jan-Feb-2014)

Cloud Based Framework for Efficient Management of Research Data

Pages : 1-6

Author : Samuel Oluwarotimi Williams, Omisore Mumini Olatunji, and Obe Olumide Olayinka

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Data Management in the domains of business enterprises and scientific research has posed several challenges which have relatively made it difficult for business managers and scientists to fully explore the potentials inherent in large volume of data. Challenges such as inappropriate storage facilities, lack of adequate data protection mechanism, poor data sharing means, inadequate data analysis tools, and the huge cost associated with the procurement and maintenance of contemporary computing facilities are responsible for the setback experienced in the management of research data. This research therefore proposes a Cloud Based framework with a number of integrative mechanisms for the efficient management of research data. The proposed framework provides a robust secured means for storing, sharing, processing, and analysis of huge amount of data within a short space of time. The framework also provides a mechanism that bills a consumer in accordance to the cloud services subscribed for and the duration for which the cloud service is used.

Keywords: Cloud Computing; Research Data; Data Management; Cloud Services; Cloud Consumer; PaaS; IaaS; SaaS






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