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Article Published In Vol.4 (May-June-2016)

Comparative study of meteorological data analysis tools based on Sousse climate

Pages : 533-537

Author : Benzarti ep Ghedas Habiba, Pico E. Coloma and El Jemni Abdelmajid

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Due to lack of meteorological data of several locations, so designers select a Typical Year Weather data which is close to study location. But this method gives incorrect prediction of climatic design condition because; it not represents accurate weather of this location and not take account of climatic change. This paper aims in first step to evaluate conversion method of Real Time weather data using Ecotect Weather Manager. And in second step to evaluate efficiency of meteorological data analysis tools such as: Revit, Ecotect, GBS. For this study we opt for Sousse city location. The results for climatic design conditions show a great correlation between Revit and GBS tools but a difference in the results concerning Ecotect weather tool especially for distribution of wind frequency were also identified. Moreover, interaction of weather parameters is used to identify bioclimatic passive design strategies for sustainable construction.

Keywords: Conversion; Passive design strategies; Meteorological data; Ecotect weather manager; Csv (Comma Separated Variable); Wea format




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