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Article Published In Vol.8 (Jan-Feb-2020)

Cultural Identity amidst Modernity in Anita Nair’s Lessons in Forgetting

Pages : 36-39, DOI:

Author : Rita R. Sontakke

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The term ‘tradition’ is a comprehensive one and it includes all social conventions, cultural practices, religious faiths, familial and familiar relationships. The consistent burden of traditional authority has generated a rebellion against the organized forces of oppression and injustice to women. Through her novels, Anita Nair promotes the idea that women must try to come out of their suppressed roles. Anita Nair has been successful in creating strong women protagonists who refuse to get crushed under the weight of their personal tragedies, and face life with great courage and strength. My paper analyses the Cultural Identity amidst Modernity with special reference to Anita Nair’s Lessons in Forgetting respectively.
Keywords: Women, Modernity, tradition, Identity.



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