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Article Published In Vol.9 (May-June 2021)

Current Advancement in Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance

Pages : 261-264, DOI:

Author : Dr Satpal

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Although conventional wisdom suggests that natural resources play a vital role in fostering economic growth, empirical studies have shown that access to these resources alone is insufficient to drive development. In the contemporary landscape of knowledge management, Intellectual Capital (IC) is increasingly recognized as an indispensable factor contributing to both business and societal advancement. This conceptual study explores the intricate interplay between intellectual capital and financial performance, unraveling the profound implications of intangible assets on organizational success. In an era dominated by the knowledge economy, the study investigates the multifaceted nature of intellectual capital, dissecting its three core components—human capital, structural capital, and relational capital. Drawing on a synthesis of theoretical frameworks and empirical insights, the research illuminates the nuanced relationships between intellectual capital and financial metrics.

Keywords: Intellectual Capital, knowledge Economy. Human Capital, Economic Growth, Natural Resources



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