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Article Published In Vol.4 (Jan-Feb-2016)

Customer Adoption and Satisfaction on Internet Banking Services-An Analytical Study of Banks in Coimbatore City

Pages : 93-98

Author : Dr. M. Nagamani and S. Asha

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The rapid digitalization that is happening around and with Internet becoming an essential part of our routine lives, Banking on Internet Platform assumes a special significance. The present paper is concerned with the use of Internet as Internet has improved the overall banking services in India. This article aims at finding out the customer adoption of internet banking and the reasons of customer selecting the banks and the source of awareness of internet banking. The research was conducted on customers familiar with online banking and their perceptions about online banking were studied. A sample of 40 customers is personally surveyed using a structured questionnaire. The data are analyzed using descriptive analysis like chi-square test, cross tabulations, and the proposed hypotheses are tested. The findings reveal that customers are using the services but are skeptical about the financial transactions and service quality dimensions there by internet banking has significant association with the type of account and years of using internet banking services.

Keywords: Internet, Banking, Customers, Awareness




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