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Article Published In Vol.8 (May-June 2020)

De-Constructing the problematic Maritime Tourism in Pakistan: Opportunities and Challenges

Pages : 378-387, DOI:

Author : Dr. Sajid Mahmood Shahzad

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Pakistan is blessed with over 1000 Km long coastline with numerous opportunities of tourism. Maritime Tourism is a significant peace contributor with positive effect on economic development and employment around the world. It is additionally an undeniably perspective in the life of individuals, increasingly more of whom are voyaging and travelling, either for business or leisure time. However, the vital role of maritime tourism and its impact on economic development in Pakistan has hardly been realized. The study is qualitative and exploratory in nature. This research is the outcome of detailed review of available material and publications on this subject by the official sources. The official reports, government publications, books, newspapers, websites and many other official sources also used to collect the primary data. The main objective of this research is to review the facilities, opportunities and challenges of maritime tourism in Pakistan, and to develop a link for the economic activity along the coastlines. The reviewed literature depict that the maritime tourism has become a new business hub that forms a considerable component of the rising global tourism business. The security situation, natural disaster, negligible infrastructure and comparatively poor education are the main reasons that tourism could not flourish on coastal area of Pakistan. Despite lot of opportunities like scenic views, historical sites, religious places, mud volcano, blue lagoons, ancient monuments and sandy beaches, maritime tourism in Pakistan has yet not gain momentum at desired pace. This research is conducted to find out the opportunities, challenges and reasons, why tourism is at slow pace around the coastal area of Pakistan. The proposed way forward will help the policy makers in devising strategies to promote Marine tourism that will further leads to develop the tourism industry in Pakistan.

Keywords: Maritime Tourism, Coastline, Mud volcano, Ecosystem, Natural environment, Beach, Blue lagoons, Fish harbor, Shorelines.



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