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Article Published In Vol.4 (March-April-2016)

Development of an Opinion Scale to Measure the Role of Church Leaders in Transforming the Youths

Pages : 352-355

Author : Anyona Wycliffe Obiri, Dr. Chandrashekhar and Dr. Jagannath. K. Dange

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Every measurement needs an appropriate scale, that is standardized and acceptable. Even in social sciences this scale is needed for measuring an opinion is a science that one cannot just guess. The process by which a researcher is developing a tool for measurement and standardizing the scale, is very important and worth of notice. This paper thus elucidates the procedure the researcher followed in making the standardizing scale for measuring the opinions of teachers and students in Seventh-day Adventist university in Kenya and India regarding the role of the church in transforming the youth. The author has borrowed the Likert’s method of summation and came up with a five point judgment which ranges from (0-4). The transformation made to the youths is measured in four dimensions, namely: the Spiritual, Mental, Social, and Physical faculties. Interviews were made to help in establishing the tool, and thereafter a tool was made. The name given to the tool is “opinion of teachers and church pastors on how they have helped the youths to be transformed” and it contained 39 items. The pilot study was conducted and the items were sort listed, hence coming up with the final tool for the field survey.

Keywords: Transformation, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Youths, Spiritual, Mental, Social, and Physical.




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