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Article Published In Vol.6 (May-June-2018)

Development of authentic assessment guidelines based curriculum 2013

Pages : 481-484, DOI:

Author : Chresty Anggreani, M.Pd, Dra Syafdaningsih, M.Pd and Bunda Harini, M.Pd

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This research aims to develop a product in the form of an authentic assessment guidebook based on the 2013 curriculum for early childhood teachers. This research uses research and development (R & D) from Rowntree. The trial of the product is done by two experts, material experts and media design experts with valid categories with the succession percentage of 68.75 and 70% so that the product is feasible to be continued on a small scale trial. A small group trial was conducted on the respondents of ten early childhood teachers. To know comprehension of early childhood teachers evaluation done by pretest and postest evaluation. The average pretest score is 43%, while the average postest score is82% with effectiveness based on the n-gain formula is 0.68 in the medium category. In the large group trial, the average value of pretest respondents was 42%, and the average postest score is 81% with the level of effectiveness is 0.67 with the medium category. So,It can be concluded that an authentic assessment guidebook based on the 2013 curriculum can be used for early childhood teachers asa guideline in conducting process assessments and learning outcomes of early childhood.

Keywords: Guidebook, Authentic Assessment, 2013 Curriculum



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