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Article Published In Vol.10 (Nov-Dec 2022)

Development of Communication Skills for Trilogi University Students Through Online Learning using the Zoom Application with the Media Wheel of Names

Pages : 596-603, DOI:

Author : Febrianti Yuli Satriyani and Benny Pasaribu

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This study aims to explain the online learning process by applying the zoom application with the wheel of names media in class action research courses, so as to develop communication skills for students of the Trilogi University in Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program. This study uses a type of classroom action research from Kemmis and Mc Taggart. The research was conducted in two cycles, each cycle consisting of four stages, namely planning, implementing actions, observing and reflecting. In the second cycle, innovation was carried out in the form of applying the media wheel of names to learning. The results of the study show that the level of student activity in carrying out discussions in learning activities is above 90% of the total number of students present. This certainly affects the improvement of the quality of learning outcomes related to students’ knowledge and understanding of the material. This is evident from, (1) an increase in the number of students who activated the camera during the learning process from 5 to 11 people, an increase in students who answered quizzes, from 5 to 14 people and all 14 students could provide conclusions in the form of understanding the material that had been studied with smooth and confident. In addition, the results of the questionnaire also showed that 100% or a number of 14 students said they enjoyed learning using the wheel of names media. They said they wanted to learn with the media. According to them, using the media can help them to more easily understand the material being studied, as well as increase their confidence in speaking.

Keywords: Communication skills, online learning, wheel of names



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