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Article Published In Vol.6 (May-June-2018)

Development of learning Media Aquarium Storytelling to Improve Speaking Ability

Pages : 497-500, DOI:

Author : Gemala Ranti, Lara Fridani and Fahrurozzi

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This research aims to develop aquarium media to tell stories to improve the speaking ability of children aged 5-6 years kindergarten group B. This research uses the concept of development of Research and Development by using the development of Borg and Gall model. The research was conducted in three schools, RA Miftahul Jannah for small group test with the number of respondents 8 children, Kind One TK Satu Atap Pulau Kelapa 02 Pagi for large group test with respondents 15 children and TK Satu Atap Untung Jawa for field test with 20 children. The study found that the use of aquarium media storytelling can improve children’s speaking ability, The results of field trials obtained t count 35.708 and t table 2.09302 or t count> t table then there is a significant difference or HO rejected. In other words the use of aquarium media tells storytelling can have an effect in improving children’s speaking ability and give positive contribution in learning in group of kindergarten B in Kepulauan Seribu, especially TK Satu Atap Untung Jawa.

Keywords: Speaking ability, Aquarium Storytelling, Children.



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