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Article Published In Vol.6 (July-Aug-2018)

Development of Media Vocabulary Cards to Improve the Speech Competence of Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Pages : 726-730, DOI:

Author : Natalina Purba, Myrnawati CH Handini and Elindra Yetti

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The research is aimed at developing media vocabulary cards to improve the speech competence of intellectual disabilities of children. It was conducted in SLB/C Jakarta. This study went from February 2016 to January 2018. This research uses ASSURE development model. The develop product in this research is Media Vocabulary cards which are to increase speech ability. The steps of media development in this research base on the media development process. The steps are as below: Step 1: Preliminary a study of needs, Step 2: Plan and Media Development, Step 3: Validation and Revision 1. The judgment expert, Media expert, a special children expert, 2. Small groups, 3 Field groups, Step 4: Media implementation. The development proved that the calculation of the assessment of material experts on media products in the category of very good that is 95%. The results showed that the card vocabulary media product is in a very good category that is 95.4%. The results of this study also show when designing a media should pay attention to five elements, among others: color, shape, size, position, background image, and texture. The most important note is the color.

Keywords: Intellectual disabilities, early childhood, vocabulary cards, mental retardation, research and development



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