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Article Published In Vol.3 (Jan-Feb-2015)

Discrimination of Roma Girls in the Education Process by their Community and the Parents Role in their Children’s Education

Pages : 114-117

Author : Dr. Elisabeta OSMANAJ

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This study analyzes the factors that impede the Roma parents support their children, mainly female one, who are less uneducated compared to Roma males. On the other hand, this study reflects upon the reasons of Roma female for abandoning school at a certain age. Giving certain circumstances, the study is based on parents’ opinions, mothers and fathers, regarding their role in the education of children, as well as the obstacles they are facing on this process. The picture is completed by recommendations of representatives on corresponding institutions in implementing social and inclusive policies and strategies for Roma community integration to the society. The results of this study identify the barriers for implementing the policies and strategies as Roma community, as well as the difficulties that Roma family face towards their children education process. To come to the conclusions of this study, are used the qualitative method of data collection analyzes, being focused on target groups, received by parents of Roma children, or from interviews with representatives of local government, based on other internal and external studies and data for this topic. From the data analysis, is concluded that parents play a significant role in their children’s education, by preventing them to continue the education process, especially female, which results as less educated as boys.

Keywords: Roma community, Roma children, education, Roma parents, integration, human right.




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