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Article Published In Vol.6 (Nov-Dec-2018)

Early exploration of Forest School framework for Malaysian Indigenous People: The Application of Fuzzy Delphi Technique

Pages : 1404-1409, DOI:

Author : Ramlan Mustapha PhD, Che Lah Che Mamat, Haizuan Yunus and Khairudin Said PhD.

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This study is aimed at obtaining expert consent and views on elements of the jungle model framework among Orang Asli school pupils. This study uses the Fuzzy Delphi method using Likert 7 scale to collect feedback from 10 experts in various fields of education at public universities in Malaysia. A total of 4 main elements and 13 sub items of the questionnaire were given to the experts for evaluation. The Fuzzy Delphi method has been used for data analysis. The data were analyzed using triangular fuzzy number and ranking with each model element determined using the ‘defuzzication’ process. The results of the analysis on consensus and expert consensus show that the value of the agreement is at a good level. This shows that elements of the jungle school framework have been well-received by experts. The elements agreed upon by the experts in consensus are arranged in order of priority namely motivation, creative thinking and critical thinking, familiarity and personal and social development.

Keywords: Fuzzy Delphi, expert consensus, forest school, indigenous people, Fuzzy scale



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