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Article Published In Vol.5 (Jan-Feb-2017)

Eco-friendly synthesis of Zinc nano particles for dyes decolorization using catalpa bignonioides broth

Pages : 12-16

Author : G. Raju, CH. Madhu, K. Anna Sudheer, B. Anil Kumar, G. Neeraja and Dr. K. Kishore Babu

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Eco-friendly techniques are better ways for better society in the nearby future. As the Industrial revolution in India has broadened along with industrial waste disposal problem, it is now time to concentrate on alternate methods to reduce the industrial waste disposal problem. Present experimentation is about the treatment of synthetic alizarin dye removal using green technology. Catalpa Bignonioides plant was considered as promising plant for preparation of zinc nano particles broth. The effect of operating parameters like contact time, pH of the solution, concentration, amount of nanoparticles suspension and temperature. Characterization techniques involved comprises of XRD and FTIR. The maximum removal of alizarin red dye was obtained at a contact time of 30 hrs. The optimum pH obtained was at 5. The XRD presented various compounds matching with their corresponding 2 and d-values. The entire process of alizarin red dye removal was dependent on temperature.

Keywords: Dyes, pH, concentration, FTIR, XRD and temperature.



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