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Article Published In Vol.1 (Jul-Aug-2013)

EDFA Gain Performance analysis at 2Gbits/sec in Optical Transmission System

Pages : 12-16

Author : Warsha Balani and Manish Saxena

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We investigate the gain-flattening characteristics of erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) in C-band (1525-1565 nm) by employing the 1480 nm as well as 980 nm pumping configuration. We achieved the flat amplification in erbium-doped fiber (EDF) using Non-uniform FBG (fiber Bragg Grating). One major problem of EDFA which is amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) generated by stimulation emission during amplification of input signals[1]. The ASE is a background noise. This noise signal were being amplified with the input signal when pass through another amplifier. The output signal power increases will the decreases in the spacing between gratings in FBG. The output signal power can be optimized by maximizing the gain. Moreover, the gain is the parameter of the doping concentration and doping profile of the erbium doped fiber, length of the fiber, windows wavelength of input signal, input powers and the pump power. The increase the input signal power certainly will increase the output signal power but the gain decreases [4]. We also used the simulation tools optisim to investigate the characteristics of C-band EDFA with the same configuration.

Keywords: EDFA, FBG, Gain Flattening, ASE, WDM, Optisystem software, Transmission Bands



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