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Article Published In Vol.5 (Nov-Dec-2017)

Effect of Employee Reward System on Job Satisfaction among Non-Core Staff in Catholic Sponsored Secondary Schools in Bungoma Diocese, Kenya

Pages : 1394-1397

Author : Misiati M. Vincent, Dr. Ondiek B. Alala and Mr. Fredrick Kiongera

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Reward management is one of the ways used by organizations for attracting and retaining suitable employees as well as facilitating them to improve their performance. This study was undertaken to understand the effect of employee reward system on job satisfaction among non-core staff of Catholic sponsored secondary schools in Bungoma Diocese, Kenya. The study adopted a survey research design where the researcher utilised both primary data and secondary data. The study targeted 967 non-core staff from 40 well established secondary schools working in the following sections: Security, Library, Compound maintenance, Catering, Health, Driving and the Farm. A sample size 336 employees was picked through Stratified Sampling technique to ensure representation from all sections out of which 250 employees responded positively. The Study concludes that reward system is a critical component on job satisfaction among non-core staff. The study is of use to stakeholders, public sector partners’ government and anyone with an interest in the effect of reward system on job satisfaction.

Keywords: Employee reward system, job satisfaction, non-core staff.



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