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Article Published In Vol.4 (Jan-Feb-2016)

Effect of Explicit and Implicit Pedagogical Instructions in the Acquisition of Definite, Indefinite and Zero Articles

Pages : 1-11

Author : Muhaammad Rizwan and Sumaira Akhtar

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The focal point of this study is to see the impact of two pedagogical approaches namely explicit and implicit in acquiring grammatical accuracy specifically with regard to English articles. The nature of the study is quantitative and the researcher makes an experiment using comparison group design by employing acceptability judgment questionnaire comprising ten multiple choice items. The population of this study is 40 10th grade male students taken from Educators Elite Campus Lahore, Pakistan using simple random sampling scheme. These students were divided into two groups each comprising twenty students. A pretest was taken before giving instructions in order to assess their proficiency level with regard to English articles usage. After that, Group A students received explicit type of instructions on English articles (definite, indefinite and zero articles) and group B received implicit type of instructions for two weeks. T-test was employed to compare the performance of two groups. It was observed that in the posttest the group A that received explicit type of instructions showed better results than the group that received implicit type of instructions. The higher mean score refers to the better performance in the posttest. The study draws the conclusion that teachers should use explicit way of instructions to develop grammatical accuracy in ESL and EFL learners to make them proficient.

Keywords: Pedagogical approaches, grammatical accuracy etc.




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