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Article Published In Vol.1 (Nov-Dec-2013)

Effect of Gamma Radiation in Cellular Compound of Blood for Patients with Breast Cancer

Pages : 208-210

Author : Dr. Alia Ahmed Kadhim

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The effect of gamma radiation were studied in cellular components of blood within the human body for patient with breast cancer, who receive radiation therapy as part of the final stage requirement treatment for cancer.The current study (5-8) mm.of the venous blood have been drawn from the patient before starting their radiation treatment which considerd as control sample (zero Gray) .These sample used in order to compare with blood sample drawn from the same patient after every three sessions; mean every six gray dose of the gamma rays. The rang of gamma doses which recived by patients were (6,12,18,24,30,36,42,48,54,60) GY. Also the effect of gamma radiation measured to the total of hemoglobin (Hb), Mithamoglubin derivative (Met Hb%) ,the percentage of white blood cells (W.B.C%) and platlets (PL%) before and after radiation. The result appeared changes in these ratio as the total hemoglobin has been increased with radiation till dose (18) GY, this increases attributed to cross‒linking phenomenom in polypeptide chain for protein in hemoglobin as aresult of affecting to low doses of gamma rays, but when the dose increased to (30) GY, an opposite behavior occurred, means that the total hemoglobin decreased with increasing dose till (36)GY then stable. The change in the percentage of Mithamoglupin derivative shown direct proportion with increasing radiation dose and this behavior attributed to the effecting of hem part in hemoglobin, which turn lead to asignificant decrease in the efficiency of the molecules that transfer oxgen. Our research explained the inverse relasionship between the percentage of white blood cells and platlets with radiation doses up to (36) GY . Also the decrement attributed to generation toxic chemical compounds which reach bone marrow, laded to discourage efficiency in the production of (W.B.C) and (PL).

Keywords: Gamma radiation etc, Polypeptide chain etc.




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